War Is Hell

LP12 Vinil (Candlelight )

Available from 07/09/2010

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The War Is Hell LP features songs from: Tour Edition CD, Beginning of the End 7", & Unreleased 1978 Demo. Originally released as Discharge "Tour Edition" CD on Throne Records, this material is now being pressed on vinyl with bonus tracks. Tracks 1 - 13 are studio and live songs taken from the 'Beginning Of The End' 7" (Thunk Records). Also included are 4 unreleased tracks from their first 1978 demo, recorded prior to Cal joining them. Track List: A1: War Is Hell A2: State Violence State Control A3: You Deserve Me A4: Never Again A5: The More I See A6: Hype Overload A7: Corpse of Decadence B8: MAD B9: You take part in creating the system B10: Nightmare Continues B11: Hell on Earth B12: Realities of War B13: Doomsday

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