EP7 Vinil (Helldprod)

Available from 01/04/2018

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Deported from the depths of Japanese hell with a stopover in Scandinavia, SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE arrives in Portugal in 2016 with their demo in hand, Fuck as Punk. After demolishing some festival stages and leaving half the scene pissed off with their incendiary gigs, they attack back in 2017 with two splits, with Rajoitus from Sweden and Dokuga from Oporto, as well as a full-length presentation, Satanarkist Attack. The Dis-GISM-Cimex worship continues in 2018 with Anarquia-Violência, the fastest, most aggressive release by the band yet. This is raw hardcore punk-metal pollution that spits in the face of modern punk. No posers allowed!
Release Date: 31 March 2018
Cat Nº #: RNR010
Format: 7'EP
Limitation: 250 Copies

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