The Circle of the Crow

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One of the legendary names of the Brazilian Metal scene of the 80's, formed in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The band was originally known as Mayhem before later changing their name to The Mist in 1988 following several line-up changes. In 1989 they released their debut album, Phantasmagoria featuring Vladimir Korg of Chakal on vocals and boasted a twin guitar line-up displaying a progressive mix of aggressive thrash and gothic atmosphere. Over the next 18 months, the band lost both its guitarists (including the death of Reinaldo "Cavalão" Bedran) who were solely replaced by Jairo Guedz, original guitarist for Sepultura, reducing the band to a four-piece.
In 1991 the band released their second album, The Hangman Tree further expanding the unique sound of the debut. After this album, Korg left the band leaving The Mist to continue on as a trio with bassist Marcello Diaz taking over vocals for 1993's Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust with the band adopting a more contemporary groove-metal/post-thrash sound in the process. In 1995 the band released their fourth and final release, Gottverlassen, marking the loss of their final original member, Diaz, who was replaced by Cassiano Gobbet on both bass and vocals. Remaining long-term member Guedz signed with Overdose in early 1997; originally a temporary replacement for guitarist Sergio C., he later agreed to join the band on a permanent basis, dissolving The Mist in the process. Marcello Diaz went on to join Max Cavalera's Soulfly the same year, adopting the stage-name Marcello D Rapp.
The return took place in 2021 with the EP "The Circle of the Crow", longed for and desired by many fans, more than 20 years after the last original album.

The Mist returned to the studio after 25 years to record new songs for The Circle of The Crow EP. The band, responsible for classic albums such as The Hangman Tree, Phantasmagoria and Gottverlassen is now a trio: Vladimir Korg, on vocals, Wesley Ribeiro on bass, Edu Megale on guitars. For this EP they have guest musician Riccardo Linassi on drums. The EP carries with it all the expectations of fans and will bring four songs: My inner monster, Over my dead body, The Blackmail of God and The Tempest.
"The Circle of the Crow" will be released on June 23 on CD and LP (for the first time) in Europe via Alma Mater Records.
Tracklist CD | LP
01.My Inner Monster
02.Over My Dead Body
03.The Blackmail of God
04.The Tempest

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