Before there was Rage Against The Machine and Limp Bizkit, there was the four horseman of the Atlanta music scene, Stuck Mojo. Formed in 1989, they were early pioneers in a movement that would not only blur but erase the lines between musical and cultural genres. By 1993, the band was playing 280 shows a year and had become one of the most talked about bands in the indie metal scene. The band was signed by Century Media Records and in the spring of 1995, Stuck Mojo released their first full length album, Snappin' Necks. The band would go on to be the label's biggest selling North American band of the 90's, releasing four albums and two EPs, in five years. During that time, the band toured the US and Europe with some of the top names in heavy music: Machine Head, Life Of Agony, Type O Negative, Testament and Pantera. In 1996, Stuck Mojo received the "best live band" award at the MTV European Music Awards Show. In late 2000 the band took a break from the road and recording to focus on other musical vehicles, most prominently, Rich Ward and Frank Fontsere's band Fozzy that featured WWE star Chris Jericho on lead vocals. Over the next 5 years Stuck Mojo would periodically reconnect to play special one off shows and short tours.  
In early 2015 Stuck Mojo began writing material for a new album. After confirming the return of longtime producer Andy Sneap the band entered the studio in late summer and recorded the album Here Come the Infidels. Here Come The Infidels is an album for this moment in history as it escalates Stuck Mojo's rich history of pioneering new sonic territory while lyrically pummeling your Prius until it emits plumes of black smoke.  Its overwhelming lyrical rebuke against leftist, authoritarian, fascist dogma makes Here Come The Infidels a 41 minute push back against the Social Justice movement.
1. Here Come The Infidels 
2. Rape Whistle 
3. Charles Bronson 
4. The Business Of Hate 
5. Verbal Combat 
6. Destroyer 
7. Worst Person On Earth 
8. Fire Me 
9. I Am Legion 
10. Tambourine 
11. Blasphemy

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