Worship or die

LP12 Vinil

Available from 26/04/2019

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Astral Doors return to deliver their 9th studio album!!! CD
1. Night Of The Hunter
2. This Must Be Paradise
3. Worship Or Die
4. Concrete Heart
5. Marathon
6. Desperado
7. Ride The Clouds
8. Light At The End Of The Tunnel
9. St. Petersburg
10. Triumph And Superiority
11. Let The Fire Burn
12. Forgive Me Father
Side One
A1. Night Of The Hunter
A2. This Must Be Paradise
A3. Worship Or Die
A4. Concrete Heart
A5. Marathon
Side Two
B1. Desperado
B2. Ride The Clouds
B3. Let The Fire Burn
B4. Sister Of Mercy
B5. St. Petersburg
(B4 is an exclusive track to the LP-Vinyl)

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