Where oceans collide

LP12 Vinil (Massacre)

Available from 24/08/2018

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DARK MILLENNIUM continues its unpredictable evolution with the new album "Where Oceans Collide". The distinctive guitar work by Hilton and Michael as well as the unique voice of Christian are still dominant and highly recognizable even in a new and experimental setting. The band once again worked without any technical support systems like audio quantization or drum triggers. Atmospheric depths are provided by backing vocals from the band as well as from soundscapes.
The 4th album of the progressive dark metal band DARK MILLENNIUM!
The CD Digipak includes an exclusive bonus track!
Produced, mixed and mastered by Hilton Theissen at Wide Noise Studio.
Cover artwork by Alexander Freund.
Gigs with bands like Morgoth, Tiamat, Unleashed, Samael, Coroner, Biohazard, Atrocity etc
1. Vampire's Empire
2. Lovers Die
3. Moving Light
4. Insubstantial
5. Nights, Eternal
6. Flesh Is Weak
7. The Lie Behind The Trust
8. Diseases Decease
9. Jessica's Grave
10. In Equilibrium
11. Across Oceans Of Souls 

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