Where gods come to die

LP12 Vinil

Available from 04/11/2016

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In January 2015 DEMONBREED have been raised up in from the ashes of Lay Down Rotten, who have split up after 16 years: Shouter Jost Kleinert and drummer Timo Claas fraternized with the original line-up members of former Lay Down Rotten, in particular Daniel Jakobi and Johannes Pitz, to rough up the Death Metal Underground. Fernando Thielmann, who is performing with Daniel Jakobi at well-known Milking the Goatmachine, completes the band.
After the sucsessful demo "A Thousand Suns Will Rise" and the limited 7-Inch-vinyl-singlesplit "Rupture The Coven" together with The Dead Goats, which was released via Testimony Records, now in summer 2016, the first full-lenght album of DEMONBREED named "Where gods come to die" will be released.
The 12 track longplayer was produced at the bands own Fat Knob Studios by Fernando and mixed and mastered by Dennis Israel (Clintwoks Mixing and Mastering). "Where Gods Come To Die" serves Oldschooldeath cast in lead, and combines the distinctive HM2 swedensound with the independent art of the five established musicians. Besides piledriver songs in the style of Bloodbath, Entombed and Grave, the audience awaits also melodic parts à la Amon Amarth, Bolt Thrower or outstanding Edge of Sanity. As a tribute to the latter, DEMONBREED put some speacial kind of earcandy on the album. 
DEMONBREED came to stay! – the quintet demonstrates this plan with "Where Gods come to die" impressively. As a well-established team, the songs are composed with a undeniable enthusiasm and a lot of know-how, they are presented as if cast from one mould - catchy without monotony. The years of experience are noticed without doubt: DEMONBREED presents Death Metal with serious power, lifeblood and skills

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