Volch'ya Yagoda

LP12 Vinil (Season of Mist)

Available from 02/07/2021

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Re-issue of the 2020 album Volch'ya Yagoda from THEODOR BASTARD
The multilayered and unpredictable album Volch'ya Yagoda inherits the band's recognisable multigenre approach where psychedelic trip hop combines with cinematic instrumentals and archaic world music meets modern technological electronics. Theodor Bastard combine Russian texts with glossolalia and shamanic spells as easily as they change instruments on stage.
From album-to-album Theodor Bastard carefully and masterly combine many different exotic and traditional instruments and Volch'ya Yagoda is no exception. The special northern atmosphere of the album is created with Nordic nyckelharpa and jouhikko, primeval flutes created from tree roots and shamanic percussion. And as always, the leading role in the album belongs to the voice of Yana Veva, exciting and bewitching by its deepness.
Volch'ya Yagoda takes the listener to the cold and twilight realms of marshy swamps of taiga and mossy tundra, to unexplored places where the earthly plane and the spiritual world are separated only by a very thin ghostly veil.
For fans of Heilung, Garmarna and Wardruna
1. Flute Song
2. Shumi
3. Skejgored
4. Urzala
5. Les
6. Kamen, Sneg, Metal
7. Secrety
8. Requiem
9. Pozhato
10. Volchok
11. Obereg
12. Fjorn Gaden

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