Thorns Vs Emperor

LP12 Vinil (Peaceville)

Available from 11/07/2014

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This album combines the talents of Satyr (of Satyricon/ Wongraven/ Storm fame), the Emperor's and the musical and lyrical inspiration of S P Rusch; who actually is 'Thorns'. The format of the album is a few different workings of some material from the 'Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk' album by Emperor which are all well done and not what most fans of Emperor would have expected at the time. Emperor also do a cover of a Thorns track Aerie Descent which imeadiatly follows the Thorns version of the same song which at first seems a bit of a rip off however the versions are different enough for this to pass. The real reason I'm so keen on this album is the musical style and lyrics of the Thorns material. The lyrics are some of the most spiritual I have ever heard if one is willing to look beneath the surface and musically the heavy use of distortion and verying speeds create a real atmosphere of pure unease. This album probably takes a bit of getting use to for some, for me it takes pride of place in my collection. It was love at first listen and I consider the album a work of art. Tracks which are stand outs are ' The Disipline of Earth'; 'Cosmic Keys' and 'Melas Khole'. The lyric sheet on the CD booklet is woefully incomplete however, for me in anycase, this added to value of the album by making one really listen to the lyrics; therefore really needing to consider them. This review probably needs a cliche so here it is - BUY OR DIE.

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