The Last Wolf

LP12 Vinil (No Remorse Records)

Available from 29/06/2023

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RAGE AND FIRE was formed in Lisbon, Portugal, during 2021 by Mário Figueira (guitars) and Rick (bass and vocals) who played together in RAVENSIRE until the band broke up in 2020. By mid-2021, they had made a home recording of three songs and they released these as a demo-tape. That was named "Demo 1986+35" because of the regrettable historical lateness of its actual creation, and it sold out very quickly. RAGE AND FIRE caught the attention of the underground metal scene, record labels and media, and recordings started for the debut full-length under the title, "The Last Wolf. Τhe debut album of RAGE AND FIRE is full of frantic riffs, and a true barbaric spirit, inspired by the legendary metal bands of the past.

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