Santo Subito

LP12 Vinil (Napalm Records)

Available from 26/07/2019

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The new studio album from DISASTROUS MURMUR after 13 years. Austria's Disastrous Murmur's album "Santo Subito" is a combination of murky and heavy, a perfect blend that launches this mid-tempo assault on one's senses and doesn't let go.
1. Ostium
2. Stop Talking - Start Dying
3. Extraterrestrial Blowjob Luziferism
4. Faith, First, Fire
5. Barbecue...And Me
6. The Evil One
7. Partially Executed Cannibalism
8. Sadoghoul Armageddon
9. Modified Microwave Possession
10. Menschenfresser
11. Methmouth Mary
12. Santo Subito
13. Leichensynode

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