Ruin (LP+CD)

LP12 Vinil (Century Media)

Available from 15/02/2016

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Since their formation in late 2004, Brighton, England quintet ARCHITECTS have been on a continual ascendancy from the depths of the UK’s metal and hardcore underground to leaders of the scene. Today, they are signed to world famous punk institution Epitaph and developed their current high-profile status via the albums “Ruin” (2007, re-released via CM in 2008), “Hollow Crown” (2009), “The Here And Now” (2011) and “Daybreaker” (2012), all of which were released on Century Media Records. In the course of 2015 these modern classics of British metal/hardcore will be finally released on vinyl for the first time ever. The band’s unique trademark mixture of anthemic hardcore, complex metal riffing and inimitable groove and heaviness demands and deserves it. ARCHITECTS were unanimously hailed by media and fans as UK’s brightest hope in metal, played every renowned festival worldwide and have enriched the heavy music scene of today immensely.
The “Ruin” LP comes along with a lyric sheet and enhanced bonus CD.

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