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When it comes to Norwegian Black Metal, Ragnarok is one of the unique examples of what integrity and perseverance can bring t o the genre. Since their inception at the beginning of 1994, the band has outlasted a multitude of variations and trends within the metal community that sought to influence the Black Metal genre. Eschewing avant - garde, nu - metal and even hardcore influences, Ragn arok remained true to themselves and to the traditions of Black Metal, whilst at the same time growing as writers and performers and refusing to become stale. In 2014 Ragnarok took everyone by surprise announcing a bold role - swap in their line - up. " Psychopathology" is the first album in the over twenty - year history of the band that doesn't feature founder Jontho on drums. Having taken over the role of frontman, his place behi nd the drum kit is taken by Dauden drummer Malignant. 1. Dominance and Submission
2. I Hate
3. Psychopathology
4. My Creator
5. Infernal Majesty
6. Heretic
7. Into The Abyss
8. The Eighth Of The Seven Plagues
9. Lies
10. Blood
11. Where Dreams Come To Die

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