LP12 Vinil

Available from 08/08/2019

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A01 Go Go Gorilla (the Shandells) 01:47
A02 At The Talent Show 01:56
A03 Robot Life 02:24
A04 Selvajaria 00:15
A05 Weird Shit 01:49
A06 Lazercunt / Dildo Cop 01:51
A07 All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues 01:38
A08 Antsville Anxiety Attack 02:56
A09 Terra Indigena 00:33
A10 The Boy With The Jello Heart 02:37
A11 Teenage Caveman 02:27
A12 Curse Of Montezuma 01:24
B01 Gunpowder 01:02
B02 Psychedelic Nightmare (Dead Moon) 02:47
B03 The Ballad Of Rev. Jesse 02:08
B04 Dead End Street 02:06
B05 Crooked Games 02:09
B06 Chainsaw Go-go Girls 01:48
B07 Singing Worms In Space 02:36
B08 Ronda Da Noite 02:35
B09 (Miss America) Got To Get You Outside My Head (Thee Mighty Caesars) 01:32
B10 Born Loser (Murphy And The Mob) 02:06
B11 (bonus Track) 01:46

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