Popular Jaguar

LP12 Vinil (Revolve)

Available from 10/03/2023

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"Amor em tempos Fodidos" feat. António Quintino > Double Bass
and Sandra Batista > Accordion
"Napoli Blue Dreams" feat. Gonçalo Prazeres > Sax
"Deus do Vento" feat. Helena Espvall > cello
Mastered by Miguel Pinheiro Marques at Arda Recorders, Porto.
Photo by Kid Richards | Artwork by Mackintóxico
All music composed and arranged by Tó Trips
"Dançar em frente ao espelho"
"Ginga" "Amor em tempos Fodidos"
"O Processo de uma aparição"
"Napoli Blue Dreams"
"Nazaré em câmara lenta"
Recorded by Tó Trips at Pool Studio.
"Popular Jaguar" " Ínfimas coisas" "L.A. Chet"
"Transpraia" "Península dos Índios"
Recorded by Hugo Valverde at Pool Studio.
"Deus do Vento" Recorded by Joaquim Monte
at Namouche Studios.
Editing and Mixed by Hugo Valverde at Cão Andaluz Studios and Joaquim Monte at Namouche Studios.
Special Thanks to Raquel Castro, Rui Dias, Joaquim Monte, Hugo Valverde, António Quintino, Helena Espvall, Sandra Batista, Gonçalo Prazeres, Gonçalo Leonardo, Kid Richards, Nelson Gomes, Sei Miguel.
Thanks to Alice, David, Simone, Revolve, Vítor Lopes, Filho Único, Rodrigo Areias, and everyone who support me..

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