Pink Album

LP12 Vinil (Crypt)

Available from 23/12/2011

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**18-cut "PINK ALBUM PLUS" vinyl LP **Extensive liner notes chock-fulla 'tude & info by lead howler MIKE HUDSON! 
*UNISSUED 1978-79 STUDIO RECORDINGS: covers of ALICE COOPER's "Eighteen" & PERE UBU's "Final Solution", the long-lost Feb 28 1978 studio cuts of "Street Where Nobody Lives" & "What's This Shit Called Love"!! 
*UNISSUED 1982 RADIO BROADCAST RIPPERS: the Velvet's "There She Goes Again", "Mixed Emotions" , "Not Now No Way", the Hank Snow/ Stones' "I'm Movin On". 
*PINK ALBUM cuts: "Nowhere To Run", "Give Til It Hurts", "Slow Street", "Dead End America, "Cry 815", "Angela", "When I Die", "Multiple Personalities", "Cleveland Confidential (Real World)", "Wall Of Shame"

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