Passaporti (Bronze)

LP12 Vinil (Rastilho Records)

Available from 02/02/2018

17.00 €

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First Rap album with mix of Hip-Hop and Caboverdian roots songs
Feat. Maria de Barros, Cordas do Sol, João Cirilo, Valete, Chullage and Maria de Barros
Includes donwload voucher code
Limited edition of 300 copies
Bronze Vinyl, 45RPM
Tracklist, LP
01. Passaporti
02. Cabo Verde
03. Mama Tchiga Portugal feat Gabriela Mendes
04. Fadiga ku kuze feat Maria de Barros
05. Dixi Ribera feat Cordas do Sol
06. Mundo kin atcha feat Maria de Barros
07. Nha Cultura feat João Cirilo
08. Foi Sodadi feat Chullage,Valete e Maria Tavares
09. 9-Nha Rosa

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