No Mercy For You

LP12 Vinil (Burning Heart)

Available from 04/09/2018

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Burning Heart re-issue THE BUSINESS' album ”No Mercy For You” The bands final album, orignally released in 2001 Out now in a limited edition vinyl pressing of only 600 copies The follow up to ”The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth” album. The band hooked up with the notorious London gangster Dave courtney to deliver the bands hardest moment ever – the blistering ”Hell To Pay”. A loud proud and punk Motorhead influence number that also found it's way into a film. Other great songs on this album includes ”Boys Are out Tonight”, ”Guinness Boys”, ”Takers & Users” and ”Belmarsh”
1. Takers & Users
2. Guinness Boys
3. Steal This Record
4. Code Red
5. Hate.K.D.
6. Belmarsh
7. Boys Are Out Tonight
8. Class Compromise (...History's Glory)
9. No Mercy For You
10. Gangland
11. Oi The Poet
12. Ghetto Youth
13. Always
14. Anarchy In The Streets
15. U Won't Change Me
16. Hell 2 Pay

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