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One of Germany ´s most established Power Metal/Hard Rock bands AXXIS are back this year with a new album "Monster Hero!"
Again, Bernhard Weiss and Harry Oellers are putting their focus on classic Rock songs, a modern production as well as very reflected and up to date lyrics – clear proof that these two musicians still have a lot to say. Timeless and honestly written rock tracks are the soundtrack to "Monster Hero", that has, just like it’s two creative fathers, a very down to earth character. "Our world is influenced by fake news, algorithms and politicians that more look like the wolf in a sheep fur that anything else", Bernhard Weiss says. 
"Machines are a fixed part of our lives and have a big influence on us, sometimes way beyond our control. Technologies such as drones, self-driving cars or apps are part of our everyday life. Science, media and reality are doubted more and more. Politicians are getting more radical. Free democrats are considered to be 'old school', dictators are successful. Sick and crazy dictators celebrate themselves as heroes, while for many of us they simply are monsters." A diversity that leads through the whole world as Bernhard mentions. "Also have a look at technology. We love and hate Facebook, google and stuff like that at the same time cause they make our life. That could still get worse in the future."
The German Power Metal/Hard Rock band AXXIS new album "Monster Hero" 
"Monster Hero" deals with our society and its urge to want everything to be bigger, better and more highly dimensioned, with a critical appeal to current ruling power leaders, the emerging age of populism and fake news. 
The band received entries in the Top 30 in Germany with their last albums 
Singer Bernhard Weiß received a cultural award from the city of Lünen 
Their debut album, "Kingdom of the Night," became the best-selling debut album ever by a hard rock band in Germany in 1989 
Available as CD DIGIBOOK and LP formats
1. Monster Hero 
2. Living as outlaws
3. Rock is my religion
4. Love is gonna get you killed
5. Glory of the brave
6. Make me fight 
7. Gonna be tough
8. Firebird 
9. We are seven
10. Give me good times
11. All I want is rock
12. The tragedy of Mr. Smith
13. Rock is my religion "Raw Mix"
14. All I want is rock "Raw Mix" 

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