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Mécanosphère (Portugal / France /...)
Mécanosphère is a transnational morphing line-up art & life project formed by Benjamin Brejon (drums / instrument circuit / lyrics) and Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (vocals / lyrics) at the turn of the year 00's.
Mécanosphère's language is: dubbed sonic, cinematic soundscapes with a polyglot text. Informed by Radio broadcasts, science-fiction literature, war reports, ruins of hiphop, ghosts of jazz, echoes of sound poetry, collage art, rock and roll, and parallel noise.
The 2003 self-titled debut album is a straightforward rough, low fi rhythms-bass-voice manifesto. Mécanosphère acts like the seminal installation of the group’s obsessive, recurrent, set of sound and images which the other records explore more carefully by facets.
For the 20th anniversary of their inception, which is the first part of a tryptich, Skin And Speech decided to release the first vinyl version of this undiscovered gem. 180 grams heavy and re-mastered by Alex Buess. The vinyl contains 7 tracks. Purchasers of the vinyl also get the whole album digitally as a free download.

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