Mean Girl

LP12 Vinil (Unkown Label)

Available from 14/10/2010

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Oi!, street rock, punk, whatever you want to call it, the name of The Business is bound to come up within 5 minutes of conversation. Having written legendary albums and tunes throughout their career, the new EP shows that the band is still absolutely THE BUSINESS! Micky Fitz, Trots, Tosh & Bundie prove beyond any doubt that this is the most formidable line-up The Business has spawned! These three new tracks showcase The Business at their best, hard yet melodic, in a class of their own.

1. Mean Girl
2. 1-2-3
3. Till The End
4. Loud Proud Punk
5. Blind Justice
6. Suburban Rebels
7. Harry May
8. Smash The Discos

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