Hold it Down

LP12 Vinil (GSR)

Available from 03/04/2020

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 LP Black

The limited 20 year anniversary re-release of Madball's 4th LP "Hold it Down", out on Madball's own the BNB label in cooperation with GSR. Not just another re-release, but entirely revamped and remastered, and on top of that a brand new song "Golden Cross" as a bonus. Side A
1. Intro
2. Can't Stop, Won't Stop
3. Hold It Down
4. Fall This Time
5. Everyday Hate
6. Done
7. Say What?
8. D.I.F.M.M
9. Golden Cross
Side B
1. Show No Fear
2. Never Look Back
3. Still Searching
4. Confessions
5. Thinking To Myself
6. Semper Fi

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