Have Fun with God

LP12 Vinil (Drag City)

Available from 20/01/2014

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Dub is a spiritual, abstract, visceral, mystical thing. Finite and Infinite at the same time. Deeply rooted in the earth and embracing outer space. Don't be fooled by names, Dub has come and gone. Dub is a ghost, a duppy. A duppy of a childhood guppy. Flushed and thriving in the sewers and the swamps. Bill Callahan, no stranger to a good flushing, has thus taken his #1 Album of the Year, Dream River, and turned it dub! The whole thing now, dub- not just a coupla songs, like you thought. Now MC B.C. brings the whole production, and calls it, Have Fun With God. The tantalizing, liquid flow of Dream River as you know it will cease to exist; except, that it won't. It will exist in its earthly form and intergalactic, or heavenly, form. For a while. Or for a bit... we'll see! How does Dream River sound when it's off this earthly plane? Time to Have Fun With God and find out - the riddim riddle begins, on LP and CD.

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