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Gnosis is the highly anticipated 8th full length from Russian
Circles. Across the span of their previous seven studio albums,
Chicago-based instrumental trio Russian Circles traversed a
diverse topography of sounds, moods, and approaches with their
limited armory of drums, bass, and guitar. It's difficult to chart an
evolution in their sound when their records have always felt like
well-curated playlists. It wasn't uncommon to hear drone-heavy
meditations, dazzling prog exercises, knuckle-dragging riff-fests,
haunting folk ballads, and tension-baiting noise rock all within the
span of one album. Still, it's difficult to ignore the progression
from the pensive and intricate melodies of Enter (2006) to the
layered distorted dirges of Blood Year (2019). It's been a gradual
sonic shift owing to the band's rigorous tour schedule and a
predilection towards playing their more authoritative material on
stage. But with their latest album, Gnosis, Russian Circles eschew
the varied terrain of their past work and bulldoze a path through
the most tumultuous and harrowing territory of their sound. As
was the case for so many artists in the age of COVID, the
obstacles of geography and isolation forced Russian Circles to
reevaluate their writing process. Rather than crafting songs out of
fragmented ideas in the practice room, full songs were written and
recorded independently before being shared with other members,
so that their initial vision was retained. Despite the entirety of the
album being written remotely, the songs were recorded with the
full band playing together to retain the live feel of the material.
Owing to the climate of the times and a new writing method,
Russian Circles created their most fuming and focused work to
date-an album that favors the exorcism of two years' worth of
tension over the melancholy and restraint that often colored their
past endeavors

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