Fuzz Jungle

LP12 Vinil (Groovie)

Available from 07/06/2016

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Having emerged from the torn and bloody earth that once belonged to the Tupiniquim Indians, 
OS PONTAS hash out SOUL and FUZZ influenced anthems, instrumentalizing soundtracks for a 
pompadour-shaking-freak-dancing good time. This is the second album, entitled, “Selva de Fuzz” 
(FUZZ JUNGLE), 12 tracks capable of tweaking mustaches and wasting shoe soles down to their cores. 
The Tupi Spirit orders that the party starts now with OS PONTAS, since after all, they are the soundtrack to the jungle.
1. Mongo Bongo Amana
2. Banana Boogie
3. Festa do Cavera
4. Nos Trilhos da Manchester Paulista
5. Para-Paranóia
6. Pharaoh
1. Mangue Mongo Amana
2. 7 Palmos
3. Mutretas no Beco da Braguinha
4. Abismo
5. Puro Balanço
6. Rinha de Moares

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