LP12 Vinil (Agonia Records)

Available from 20/05/2022

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Italian legends SADIST return with the fastest, highly experimental and most extreme album of their career. The songs are fresh, embrace blast beats and give away a horror vibe, in combination with gloomy and anguished lyrics. The band's adventurous style, featuring jazz and Middle-Eastern influences, pierces through a veil of progressive death metal that cloaks nine new compositions (eleven, if counting two bonus songs). Recorded, mixed and mastered by the mastermind behind SADIST, Tommy Talamanca, at Nadir Music Studios in Genoa (Italy). Featuring French virtuoso Romain Goulon (ex-Necrophagist, ex-Benighted) on drums and Dutch fretless master Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura, ex-Pestilence) on bass. 1. Accabadora
2. Fleshbound
3. Finger Food
4. Burial of a Clown
5. Loa
6. Aggression/Regression
7. Three Mothers and the Old Devil Father
8. Trauma (Impaired Mind Functionality)
9. Firescorched

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