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Damned & Defiant

LP12 Vinil

Available from 02/03/2018

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After a 12 year wait, The Varukers release their new Album “Damned & Defiant” !!!!
Classic "Nothings Changed" era line up!!
Rat Martin – Vocals
Biff Smith – Guitar
Brian Ansell – Bass
Kevin Frost - Drums
1. Damned & Defiant
2. Through The Eyes Of A Killer
3. Bullets, Bombs & Bodies
4. Less Is More
5. Crawling Up The Wall
6. Today Ain’t Your Day
7. Allegiance to None
8. Project Fear
9. Put The World To Rights
10. Thanks For Nothing
11. Systematic Slaughter
12. A Piece Of The Puzzle
13. No Going Back
14. Another Cease Fire Fails
15. Sod’s Law 

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