Dag With Shawn

LP12 Vinil (Dischord)

Available from 21/11/2010

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"Dag With Shawn" was recorded on Halloween Day 1985 and features the original line-up of the band with Shawn Brown on vocals.
Shortly after the recording Shawn left Dag Nasty and the tape was shelved. In early 1986 the band re-recorded the entire album with new
vocalist Dave Smalley and released it as "Can I Say". Shawn went on to form the much loved Swiz and Dag Nasty went through several
more line-up changes over the years, including another vocal switch when Dave Smalley was replaced by Peter Cortner.
This original session has only been previously available as partial out-takes and unauthorized bootlegs and, until now, has never been released
in its complete form. Dag With Shawn is being released on CD and LP (with a free MP3 download coupon).

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