Boots on the Ground

LP12 Vinil

Available from 27/03/2019

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‘Boots on the Ground’ is Gutter Knife’s debut album, bringing together Oi, Hardcore and UK82 style punk together by some teenage Mods and Skins from Brighton. Keeping the New Wave of British Hardcore alive! 
"The chalky white and golden brown of the rows and rows of houses, sodden from an eternity of days on the Brighton seaside. The disconnected punctuation of hobnail boots on wet tarmac. Hardcore punk, handed the UK82 marching orders and sent to the frontlines of the war 86 Mentality started, with Arms Race and Violent Reaction keeping the home fires burning. The same grey walls inside which you can redefine and rebuild. The NOW Wave of British Hardcore. 
Wide and crooked vocals over riffs that move in and out of the speed and aggression of early HC and the inclination to get drunk and grab someone. Not quite a pogo, yet not quite a slam, with finer clobber and the necessary swagger. Like a knife, but from the gutter." 
Jonah Falco, Fucked Up/Career Suicide 
Ethan Stahl - Guitar  
Ted Faux - Drums
Same Hrachovec - Bass 
Luke Austin - Vox 
Luca Selvaggio - Guitar

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