DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to reissue NOCTURNAL's legendary debut album, "Arrival of the Carnivore".
Originally released in 2005, the album cemented the band’s position as one of the leading black thrash acts of the post-2000 thrash scene and have ever since been reissued several times in various formats. However, records like these should be kept in print permanently and made available to new generations of underground maniacs. Nocturnal’s thrash metal is inspired by the Teutonic legends of old as well as the early days of black metal. Fittingly, Arrival of the Carnivore contains not only the original Violent Force cover of “Sign of Evil”, but also Bathory’s “Enter the Eternal Fire” which was recorded in the same session. 1.Coven Of Darkness (Intro)
2.Temples Of Sin
3.Satanic Oath
4.Preventive War
5.Burn This Town
6.War Of Spirits
7.Merciless Murder
8.Nuclear Strike
9.Victorious Night
10.Awakening The Curse Of Souls

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