Where Gods Fear To Speak

LP12 Double Vinil (Coloured) (Season of Mist)

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CD | 2LP

OCEANS OF SLUMBER defy any and all convention. Since 2011, the Houston band have come to redefine the Southern Gothic by casting their tales of hope and despair against an ever-shifting backdrop of melodic death, doom and black metal, with subtle electronic flourishes and classical composition added for good measure.
‘Where Gods Fear To Speak’ expands their progressive vision to the hi-def scope of a Hollywood blockbuster. OCEANS OF SLUMBER have toured with Swallow The Sun and Ne Obliviscaris, but their sixth album has more in common with Blade Runner and The Book of Eli.
Of course, no movie is complete without a compelling soundtrack. “Poem of Ecstasy” cuts between moonlit piano balladry, outlaw country, doom-stricken power metal and dystopian grindcore.
Performing such a radical play on extreme metal requires a talented cast of characters. Even the most obscure corners of the underground recognize Dobber Beverly as the drummer for grindcore legends Insect Warfare, though even he cedes the spotlight to OCEANS OF SLUMBER’s leading lady. Her cleans still push back against the blast beats like a force field. Only now, Cammie Beverly flexes a new muscle: death growls.
On ‘Where Gods Fear To Speak’, OCEANS OF SLUMBER remake progressive metal in their own dark cinematic image.
Artwork by Giannis Nakos

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