The Eighth Mountain

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Available from 22/02/2019

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Rhapsody Of Fire hold a special position in the exciting and multi-faceted world of heavy metal: Like few other acts, the band from Italy stands for anthemnic symphonic metal presented with lots of speed, great pathos and technical refinement. Another characteristic that the band’s fans love: At the beginning of their career in particular, their songs presented a mythical, album-transcending saga. Who doesn’t like to recall classics such as Legendary Tales (1992), Symphony Of Enchanted Lands (1998) or Dawn Of Victory (2000)? Rhapsody Of Fire have now returned to the very strengths of those albums. Their latest studio recording The Eighth Mountain combines spirited songs and epic chorus parts with lavish orchestra arrangements. At the same time, the album marks the beginning of a new, exciting saga that’s typical of this band.
First of all, there’s been an important personnel change: Vocalist Giacomo Voli has been at the group’s musical helm for the last three years, whom has not only accepted the powerful heritage, he has also brought fresh momentum to the Rhapsody Of Fire fold.
To dress the new material in appropriately lavish sounds to suit its extravagant songwriting, Rhapsody Of Fire have worked with a major orchestra again. This time the musicians of the acclaimed Bulgarian National Symphony Orchestra in Sofia, were instrumental in recording The Eighth Mountain’s sublime, atmospherically dense overall sound. Two choirs featuring more than 20 vocalists, as well as a number of soloists playing medieval instruments, also deserve to be mentioned. The album was mixed and mastered by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann (Orden Ogan).
Excellent new studio album by Italian symphonic metal-kings RHAPSODY OF FIRE and first studio album with very talented new singer Giacomo Voli! 
This new epic material is stylistically close to their late 90’s / early 2000’s masterpieces without marking that time 
"The Eighth Mountain" starts a story concept that will stretch over three records 
Coverartwork by Alex Charleux (Rhapsody Of Fire, Ubisoft) 
Mix and Mastering by Sebastian "Seeb" Leevermann (Orden Ogan, Almanac) 
The band will embark on a European Headliner Tour in February/March 2019 
The last studio album "Into The Legend" (2016) entered the charts in several countries (DE #47, CH #34, IT #76) 
RHAPSODY OF FIRE is one of the most popular and metal acts in Europe who have raised the bar for their genre 
RHAPSODY OF FIRE are the creator of epic symphonic metal – combining Hollywood-like sound landscapes with metal 
Available as Digipak, two limited vinyl colours - (CLEAR BLUE - AFMDLP5951 X250) (CLEAR VINYL - AFMDLP59511 X250) 
Exclusive UK Gold coloured vinyl also available! - (AFMDLP59512GB)

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