LP12 Double Vinil (Coloured) (Nuclear Blast)

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Fear Factory records are cinematic in scope; sonic landscapes, echoing the dystopian post-apocalyptic futures found in classic sci-fi literature and films, from Ray Bradbury to Blade Runner. “Recoded” provides reimagined versions of songs from their tenth studio offering, “Aggression Continuum”. Much like their previously successful crossover release “Remanufacture” in 1997 following the groundbreaking “Demanufacture” album two years earlier, “Recoded” takes a moment to focus on the band’s industrial and dark wave side, along with their metal roots, and brilliantly deconstructs and rebuild the much-acclaimed 2021 album into a new sonic journey. Whatever may come, Fear Factory will be there to deliver a soundtrack to humankind’s uncertain times ahead.
1. Adapt Or Die
2. Hatred Will Prevail (Monolith Remix)
3. Disobey (Disruptor Remix)
4. I Am The Nightrider (Fuel Injected Suicide Machine Remix)
5. Path To Salvation (Purity Remix)
6. Worthless (End Of Line Remix)
7. Empires Fall (Collapse Remix)
8. System Assassin (Aggression Continuum Remix)
9. Hypocrisy of Faith (Manufactured Hope Remix)
10. This Is My Life (Cognitive Dissonance Remix)
11. Recoded (Recode Remix)

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