Ink Complete

LP12 Double Vinil (Coloured) (Alone Records)

Available from 03/03/2022

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Containing a total of 11 tracks, "Ink Complete" delivers some of the most breathtaking instrumental music to come down the pike in quite some time. Ranging from the relentlessly pulsating "The Mad Data Race" and the soothing melodies of "Eighths Is Enough" , to the quirky narrative of "A Morning With Squeakie" and, finally, "Mosquito Brain Surgery", an 8 minute-plus tour de force, SPASTIC INK's colorful soundscapes are as intense as they are captivating. Much more than a trio of out-of-control Shredasauruses, SI display an overall musical maturity that's rarely encountered anymore, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to stir the listener's imagination and emotions. "Ink Complete" is indelible proof that, indeed, music can speak louder than words. 1. The Mad Data Race
2. A Morning With Squeakie
3. Just A Little Dirty
4. See, And It's Sharp!
5. Suspended On All Fours
6. A Wild Hare
7. Harm And Half-Time Baking Shuffle
8. To Counter And Groove In E Minor
9. That 178 Thing
10. Eighths Is Enough
11. Mosquito Brain Surgery
12. 24 minute bonus track of "work tapes"

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