The Savage Poetry

LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured) (AFM)

Available from 11/02/2022

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The all time classic "The Savage Poetry" gets a 20th anniversary re-release with complete remastering and will be available on vinyl first time ever! The successor to Edguy’s breakthrough album was released in 2000 under the title “Savage Poetry” and again met with critical acclaim by critics and fans alike. It cemented their breakthrough and paved the way for their 
international career. Some 20 years after the release finally a new version is made available – as Digipak (incl. bonus CD) and for the first time ever on Vinyl (in different colors). 
Anniversary Edition of Edguy's fourth album first released in 2000 
"Savage Poetry" is available as Digipak feat. one bonus CD with the complete Demoversions of "Savage Poetry" from 1995 
Available on Vinyl for the first time ever! 
1. Hallowed 
2. Misguiding Your Life 
3. Key To My Fate 
4. Sands Of Time 
5. Sacred Hell 
6. Eyes Of The Tyrant 
7. Frozen Candle 
8. Roses To No One 
9. Power And Majesty
1. Key To My Fate (Demo Version) 
2. Hallowed (Demo Version) 
3. Misguiding Your Life (Demo Version) 
4. Sands Of Time (Demo Version) 
5. Sacred Hell (Demo Version) 
6. Eyes Of The Tyrant (Demo Version) 
7. Frozen Candle (Demo Version) 
8. Roses To No One (Demo Version) 
9. Power And Majesty (Demo Version) 

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