Solens Rötter

LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured) (Napalm Records)

Available from 18/08/2023
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Classic Folk/Black Metal goes progressive! First time on vinyl! Deluxe 180 grams gatefold LP.
It seems Vintersorg’s avant-garde period was a little lost on most people, lacking the hooks of early tunes like “Till Fjälls”. Vintersorg provides some of the best vocals we have ever heard. His Black Metal rasps and growls are top notch, sure, but his clean singing voice is downright amazing. Powerful, harmonious and melodic. Divine, striking and beautiful. On this album in particular he switches back and forth between a light section of music with his beautiful singing voice, and heavier sections with the black, rasped growl and heavy cries.
The music in itself is outright brilliant, also. For this album he has revived the catchiness of his early era. Very melodic song structures littered throughout with heavy, blackish riffs and darker sections that contrast perfectly with Vintersorg’s voice and the other, lighter sections of the music. There are some odd time signatures and unique song structures that provide some atmosphere and ambiance, and we can honestly say we can’t find a single flaw in the composition of this album. The result is an album with little to no fillers, songs that grab your ears and say “no, you must listen!” and must be listened to over and over to hear all the subtleties and intricacies.
Vintersorg is a master of his craft.

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