LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured) (Metal Blade Records)

Available from 16/10/2022

26.00 €

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Orange marbled Vinyl + 7“ (incl. 2 bonus tracks), poster, download Card. Limited to 500 pieces.
Side A
01 Scatology Domine (Intro)
02 Humanure
03 Reduced to Paste
04 Bukkake Tsunami
05 Cloacula: The Anthropophagic Copromantik
06 Chummified
Side B
07 Applied Human Defragmentation
08 Polyps
09 Lips & Assholes
10 Men Before Swine (Outro)
Side A
01 The Earthling
Side B
02 I Eat Your Skin (Live)
03 Reduced to Paste (Live)

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