Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives

LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured) (Indie Records)

Available from 13/03/2020

Also Available in CD , LP12 Vinil (View All)

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Another album in the series of re-releases of the classic Turbonegro albums on Indie Recordings: Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives, originally released in 1992
1. Librium Love
2. Punk Pals
3. Kiss The Knife
4. Vaya Con Satan
5. Hot Cars
6. Clenched Teeth
7. New Wave Song
8. Nadsat Comes Easy
9. Zonked Out (On Hashish)
10. I’m In Love With The Destructive Girls
11. Prima Moffe
12. Armed & Fairly Full Equipped
13. Suburban Anti-Christ
14. Manimal
15. Dark Secret Girl 
16. A Career in Indierock

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