Horror Beyond Horror

LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured) (Season of Mist)

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Since clawing their way out of Tokyo’s grim underbelly in 1992, DEFILED has carved a bloody swath through the global death metal scene with their bone-crushing aggression and intricate artistry. Cementing their legacy as stalwarts of savagery, their unrelenting assault has remained as visceral as ever.
Welcome to the abyss of ‘Horror Beyond Horror’, DEFILED's cataclysmic latest offering sealed with the wickedness only seasoned demons of death could conjure. Each track a more grotesque exploration into the depths of human depravity, the album viciously melds old school death metal savagery with strands of technical thrash and progressive psychosis. From the frantic onslaught of “To See Behind The Wall” to the sinister grooves of “Syndicate”, DEFILED invites you into a haunting panorama painted in the hues of horror. Submit to the relentless riff avalanche in “Smoke and Mirrors” and the methodical menace of ‘Horror Beyond Horror’. It's an album meant to be played loud and with complete surrender.
Plug into DEFILED’s ‘Horror Beyond Horror’ and let the madness set you free—the only thing more brutal than reality is this album.
Artwork by Wes Benscoter.

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