Fool´s game

LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured) (Dissonance)

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Mordred was founded in 1985 in San Francisco. Initially part of the SF thrash fraternity of the ‘80s, Mordred started making a name for themselves by incorporating rap and funk influences into their sound. Though most of their debut ‘Fool's Game’ was classed as Thrash Metal, the exceptions were the single ‘Every Day's A Holiday’ and a cover of Rick James' classic ‘Super Freak’. 
The politically charged follow-up ‘In This Life’ earned rave reviews and saw them compared to the likes of Faith No More and the alt rock scene. However, by the time of the ‘Visions’ EP (1992), internal friction within the band had developed, leading to the departure of longtime vocalist Scott Holderby.
With new vocalist Paul Kimball, the band released ‘The Next Room’ in ’94, after which they parted ways. Mordred recently reformed with Holderby, touring again before releasing a brand new album, ‘The Dark Parade’ in 2021.
First ever vinyl re-issue of ‘Fool’s Game’, the debut album from US thrashers Mordred, originally released on Noise Records in 1989
Includes the breakthrough single ‘Every Day’s A Holiday’ and the Rick James cover ‘Super Freak’
Pressed on solid blue vinyl
Metal Hammer’s recent feature ‘10 Funk Metal Bands That Time Forgot’ stated; “These second-generation San Francisco thrashers hit on the novel idea of supplementing their Bay Area racket with some thwanging funk grooves. The result proved surprisingly effective on killer 1989 single ‘Every Day‘s A Holiday’, prompting a bunch of their peers to follow their lead and ditch Thrash City for Funky Town”
Side A:
1 State of Mind
2 Spectacle of Fear
3 Every Day’s A Holiday
4 Spellbound
5 Sever and Splice
Side B:
1 The Artist
2 Shatter
3 Reckless Abandon 
4 Super Freak
5 Numb

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