Burladingen 1988

LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured) (Back On Black)

Available from 11/03/2022

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Re-issue of Extreme Noise Terror's 'Burladingen 1988' - on amazing, limited edition RED VINYL!
Extreme Noise Terror - The kings of Crust/Punk!
Extreme Noise Terror's abrasive, dual voiced, grinding brutality will maim, pulverize, and destroy small animals and children, leaving a nuked-out wasteland in their wake...
1. Deceived  
2. Human Error  
3. False Profit  
4. Use Your Mind  
5. We The Helpless
6. Another Nail In The Coffin
7. No Threat
8. Raping The Earth
9. Show Us You Care
10. Take The Strain  
11. Conned Through Life
12. Bullshit Propaganda
13. Only In It For The Music
14. System Shit
15. We The Helpless

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