A Coming Storm

LP12 Ltd Vinil (Coloured)

Available from 03/05/2024

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For the first time on vinyl - the band's debut album. Sky blue, 180g heavyweight vinyl, gatefold. 
WINTERSTORM stands for the fusion of stormy power metal with folk and viking metal from the far north. 
"A Coming Storm" - this is the motto under which the five young musicians want to take off with their album of the same name. 
The aim is to captivate the fans with their passion for their own music, whereby Winterstorm is a band that brings a breath of fresh air to the metal scene with its sound, which is not only met with enthusiasm by die-hard metal fans. It quickly became clear that after years of experience with other projects, the right people had finally come together to storm the metal Valhalla together. 
The focus of Winterstorm is clearly on melody, which is reflected in catchy choruses and many polyphonic vocals.
Distinctive elements of different metal styles merge together and take on a whole new meaning. Roughly speaking, it can be said that power, viking, folk and medieval are combined with epic metal, all of which shine in a whole new light. All in all, it's an explosive mixture that will appeal to fans of all ages. 
So, raise your horns and dress warmly - the winter storm is coming! 

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