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LP10 Vinil

Available from 07/07/2020

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EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present Jaertegn, a special split 10" EP between TAAKE and DEATHCULT.Indeed, Jaertegn is a momentous occasion, bringing together two of Norwegian black metal's foremost torchbearers, all of it recorded, forged, and perfected within the darkest halls of the seven silver mountains of Bergen. By now, the infamous TAAKE should require no introduction. Here, they present the brand-new track "Slagmark," moodily melodic and draped in the atmosphere of the ancients, alongside a reverential cover of Darkthrone's "Ravnajuv" as a show of Norse solidarity and pride. For their part, DEATHCULT likewise deliver the goods, raising the same sterling banner they have across their two cult full-lengths. The new track "Der Würger" keeps its church-burning fire firmly within the '90s, while a SOMETHING cover of Beherit's "Black Arts" closes things out with hideous, haunting finality. Truly, these two mighty hordes show a relentless devotion to the black arts.Together, Jaertegn proves that the past is alive, and that TAAKE and DEATHCULT are Norwegian black metal's present!

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