When we are death

LP12 Vinil+CD (Century Media)

Available from 29/01/2016

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Ltd. CD Mediabook in Slipcase | Gatefold black LP+CD & LP-Booklet

Mat McNerney, mastermind of Finnish psychedelic folk act HEXVESSEL has come a long way. Already with weight to his name in the underground of extreme and avantgarde metal music, having sung and written in bands like Dødheimsgard and Code among many more, significant success during the recent post/punk revival through Beastmilk and its spin-off Grave Pleasures, HEXVESSEL have been part of his artistic journey since 2009. In Finland – the oddball country of Scandinavia where the humour is as dark as the winter afternoons and the nature as breathtaking as their moonshine, he found his “kin”, and there he invoked HEXVESSEL – a band formed to voice his inner self, and play psychedelic music in the true sense of the term. The spirit surrounding the group invokes a vision of a bunch of Northern heathens coming to live in Laurel Canyon in the late 1960's. Sonically, HEXVESSEL combine folk tunes with a psychedelic drive, hinting at Captain Beefheart, King Crimson and The Beatles as well as melancholic Americana resulting in a truly unique mix of timeless storytelling and song craft.
01. Transparent Eyeball (05:27) 
02. Earth Over Us (03:26) 
03. Cosmic Truth (04:33) 
04. When I'm Dead (04:37) 
05. Mirror Boy (04:17) 
06. Drugged Up On The Universe (03:42) 
07. Teeth Of The Mountain (04:01) 
08. Green Gold (03:31) 
09. Mushroom Spirit Doors (05:33) 
10. Hunter's Prayer (04:38) 
11. Last Lovers In Hell (03:44) 

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