Rockabilly Queen

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Deluxe limited edition coloured vinyl and cd package Liner notes by rock n roll author Nina Antonia Features Ten Singles and the best known of all Wanda's songs "Funnel of Love" All songs remastered Pioneering exemplar of rousing rockabilly, it's no wonder WANDA JACKSON was cited as an influence by THE CRAMPS' Ivy Rorschach.
Though Jackson made her debut as a country artiste, it was Elvis Presley, whom she briefly dated that sparked Wanda's rock n' roll flame.
Presley gave her both a diamond studded ring and creative encouragement as Jackson told journalist Marc Myers.
"He (Presley) gave me what I needed, the courage to try his style. So I began singing his way - freer, with more teenage attitude and that vocal hiccup." Resplendent in high heels, drop earrings and fringed dresses designed by her mamma, Jackson brought an unprecedented glamour to the Rockabilly stage.
Jackson notched up a string of hits in the US, from the mid-1950's onwards. The First Lady of Rockabilly.
Let's hear it Wanda; "Some people like to rock, some people like to roll but moving and grooving satisfies my soul" as will this platter.

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