Necro Sapiens

LP12 Vinil+CD (Century Media)

Available from 12/03/2021

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With the expectation-bar already set so high for their next record BAEST truly dropped their most anticipated and most important album so far. The result can only be described as world-class entertainment. “Necro Sapiens” manages to surpass even its predecessors which are no slouch either. Standout songs like “Abattoir”, “Meathook Massacre” and the title track “Necro Sapiens” makes the Death-Metal-heart beat faster while paying homage to genre-legends like Morbid Angel and Bloodbath. Nevertheless, BAEST also discovers new influences in tracks like “Genesis” which have a new touch to it. The breathtaking artwork made by Mitchell Nolte (Aborted, Vampire) additionally emphasizes the already stirring and powerful feel of this longplayer. Available as 180 gram LP+CD and Ltd. Mediabook + Patch and on all digital platforms “Necro Sapiens” will be released on March, 5th 2021 and brought to many stages in Europe with BAEST being special guest to Phil Anselmo (Pantera) in Krakow. Watch out for this one!

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