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40 years on and, for good or ill, the Sex Pistols remain the band that we think of first when we think of the 70s punk revolution that continues to resonate. There isn’t much they can do about that. History has spoken. They were the band largely responsible for kicking against the established rock order and establishing a new attitude and DIY aesthetic. Although they would quite naturally baulk at the idea of being called a ‘punk’ outfit, it does on a certain level appear very timely that we’re celebrating the 40th Anniversary of punk this summer with this fantastic live collection. It was the summer of ‘76 and the Sex Pistols were causing havoc up and down the country. It has been noted that this series of gigs inspired a generation to make their own music and arguably turned the musical world on its head - such was the power and influence the band had. This collection, with the concerts released in full and correctly sequenced for the very first time also comes complete with stunning related photographs and an original facsimile press kit including articles from Melody Maker, Sounds, Rock Star and Rock New. Included in the package: 4th June – 1976: Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester - Recently voted one of the most important concerts of all time, alongside Woodstock and Live Aid. Although thousands claim to have been at the gig, only a handful of people were actually there. It’s reported that Morrissey who went on to form the Smiths was present as well as two lads who went on to form Joy Division. 29th August – 1976: Screen on the Green, Islington - More widely known for its cinema screenings this famous gig called ‘Midnight Special’ was organised by Malcolm Maclaren and saw support from The Clash and the Buzzcocks. Legend has it that magazine journalists and record company staff attempting to gain entry were reported to have been barred entry and told to ‘fuck off’. 17th September 1976: HM Prison, Chelmsford - This live show took place at Chelmsford Maximum Security Prison. It was said that Malcolm Maclaren wanted to play unusual non rock n roll places. 25th September – 1976: 76 Club, Burton on Trent - Originally made its way around fans as a bootleg.

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