Kvelertak (Singles Box)

Box Vinil (Indie Records)

Available from 21/01/2022

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Indie Recordings are excited to announce the release of a special version of the KVERLERTAK’s legendary debut album, spread over 6 x 7” singles! 
Strictly limited edition, Includes vinyl and an exclusive patch in a special box created exclusively for this release!!! 
Norwegian heavy rock'n'roll heroes KVERLERTAK and INDIE RECORDINGS collaborate to release a LIMITED EDITION 7" BOX SET of their classic debut album 
Packaged in a special Flip top box and with an exclusive sew-on patch specially created for this release!! 
Strictly Limited edition!!! 

Disc 1
1. Ulvetid 
2. Mjød 
Disc 2
3. Fossegrim 
4. Blodtørst 
Disc 3
5. Offernatt 
6. Sjøhyenar (Havets Herrer) 
Disc 4
7. Sultans Of Satan 
8. Nekroskop 
Disc 5
9. Liktorn 
10. Ordsmedar Av Rang 
Disc 6
11. Utrydd Dei Svake 

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