Brand New Scar

EP7 Vinil (Fat Wreck)

Available from 14/07/2014

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The title track shows off the CADDIES' elevated ability to write a catchy melody seamlessly blended with multiple genres and varied instrumentation. 
Bolstered with their refined skill-set, the band decided to revisit the classic song Distress from their first album. 
Reimagined through the lens of their flare for Dixieland, Dixtress maintains all the catchiness of its 
MAD CADDIES have achieved catalog sales of over 400,000
Brand New Scar is the lead single from the CADDIES latest full length Dirty Rice
Dixtress is previously unreleased
Over 71,000 likers on Facebook
Dirty Rice sees the notable addition of pianist Dustin Lanker (formerly of Cherry Poppin Daddies) to the band
Side a
01. Brand New Scar
Side b
02. Dixtress

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