Impulse to destroy (30th Anniversary)

LP12 Triple Vinil

Available from 12/07/2019

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3CD | 3LP 

After two years of planning, it is finally done. You are not prepared for what’s coming! In 1989 BLOOD released their debut album "IMPULSE TO DESTROY", the beginning of a sonic warfare that is still uncompromised and ongoing. With this album BLOOD managed to sign a record deal as the first German band with an American label. This album, that paved the way for the german Deathgrind pioneers, will be unleashed in its ultimate incarnation on the 17th of June 2019, featuring the most vicious and sick oldschool Deathgrind from 1989. 30 years IMPULSE TO DESTROY. No regret!! Animate Records is proud to release this milestone in a noble Triple-Gatefold 3-LP / Digi 3-CD and cassette tape edition, containing the original recordings, the remastered roughmix of the album (incl. the "recognize yourself" EP) and a massive amount of unreleased rehearsal and live recordings, all partially restored and remastered. The roughmix recordings were lost for 30 years and were re-discovered during this project slowly took shape. And yes, there are also 30 (!!!) previously unreleased bonus rarities from that time. With a total of 86 grind attacks this 30th anniversary edition of the cult album "IMPULSE TO DESTROY" is probably the most complete summary of the entire work of BLOOD in the period from 1988 - 1990

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